Post AT life



The AT is in the books! Chicory and I wrapped up our journey the morning of June 6th, 100 days after I started in Georgia. The trail was intense, more difficult than the PCT in my opinion, and solitary. We were ahead of the crowds the whole way which made for an isolated experience. The few folks we got to know are amazing people and exceptional hikers. Although the trail community experience was small in quantity this year the quality was phenomenal.   

Finishing in 100 days made the trip more about finding out how far we can push ourselves mentally and physically. As always the trail is full of constant ups and downs and I’m happy we were able to stick it out through some of the more difficult sections to hit our goal. Blogging took a backseat the last couple of months while we were trying to do bigger miles. I want to thank everyone who continued to follow along on the journey through the blog and other social media outlets between the longer gaps in my posts. 
After summiting Katahdin and reaching the northern terminus we met up with Chicory’s dad, VanGeaux in Millinocket, ME. He helped us logistically and we were able to hang out with him for about a week. We spent the time hitting breweries, ice cream shops and playing frisbee as we drove south to Boston. On the way we spent a couple nights with some friends, Mindy and Daniel, at their home in Hanover, NH. It was a relaxing trip that geared us up for the next leg of the journey. 
Chicory and I are currently at the Boston airport waiting to depart to Europe! Team Gnar Gnar (minus Sauce šŸ˜ž) is reuniting in Europe to hike the Pyrenees High Route this summer. Chicory and I have a convenient week long layover in Iceland on our way. We don’t have an itinerary yet but I think it’s a safe bet that there will be hiking and camping involved. 
The Pyrenees should take about 5 weeks and Chicory and I are taking another few weeks to explore when we finish. Again, our itinerary is not set (we didn’t decide to travel to Europe until we were on trail and resources were limited) but we plan on spending most of the time hiking and camping through the Alps. 
Unfortunately, I don’t know how connected I’ll be while we are there. I still have hopes of blogging about the second half of the trail, but haven’t found the time or energy yet. We will be returning to the states at the beginning of September. At that point we’ll start a lengthy road trip back to San Diego. 
If you all are interested, I did a brief Q&A on a hiking site called Appalachian Trials. The link is below. It’s a great site of anyone is interested in continuing to follow life on the AT. 
Thanks again for all of your support!

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